About Christopher

Christopher started his own photographic studio in Sydney, Australia when only 20 year old.

During the following 10 years he built up one of the largest and most successful photographic businesses in Australia which included four studios, a major colour processing lab, a chain of retail photographic stores and a model agency.

The work undertaken covered a broad range of photographic fields from fashion, portraiture, commercial and industrial photography for a large base of diverse major national and international clients.

Christopher sold all his photographic businesses to pursue his next dream, and sailed the oceans of the South Pacific on his 75' sailing yacht during the next 8 years. After many wild and exciting adventures and endeavours, including luxury charters to well-known identities and celebrities, two cyclones and a sinking Christopher returned to dry land.

The following years saw Christopher starting up and operating many different businesses and companies in retail, travel, tourism, hospitality and property, but eventually sold most of them to return to his first love, photography.

Whilst still undertaking selected commercial work and assignments for major international magazines and publications, Christopher is now devoting more time for creative and artistic photography in portraiture, artistic nudes, travel, yachting as well as assisting aspiring photographers and models to evaluate their potential and to realise their dreams.

Christopher lives 6 months each year in Paris and 6 months in Sydney where he continues developing his creative photography.
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National Press Photographers Association (USA)
Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP)
The Australian Photographic Society
PPP Photography
Accredited Photographer Ocean Media and Magazine